5 tips on how to acquire customers

Smash is all about acquiring customers in a way that is smarter, faster, and cheaper than your competitors can do it. Here’s a list of 5 tips that I keep in my mind.

1. Set a Cost Per Acquisition goal and stick to it. This will force you to be discipline on how you spend your acquisition dollars – and drive further creativity in your campaigns. Plus, you will be a superstar in the eyes of the CEO/Board.

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2. Look at channels where others could not make the numbers work. Often you can achieve 3 or 4X conversion rate improvements by using better design, better analytics, better contractors, better targeting. Don’t let the failure of other discourage your best instincts.

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3. SEO – SEO is still the most cost effective method of acquiring customers for most startups. For larger brands it is almost always a win as well. Hire one person who really knows their game and supplement them with contractors as needed. As you grow your campaign they will need additional contractor help in analytics, link building-blogger outreach, and writing content.

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4. Contractors – Don’t staff up internally in the beginning. Especially for a startup leveraging contractors is a low risk way to test your strategies. Develop a pay-for-performance model for them to earn as they produce results.

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5. Use your assets. You may be sitting on a wealth of data, or email addresses, discount codes, etc. Take a core asset of your business and give it to partner sites. Let a publisher run an exclusive story with your data, let a partner send an advertisement to your email list, give a group of bloggers early access to your beta. In return ask for exposure in the form of links, stories, press releases.

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What are tips you can give others? Leave some in the comments if you like.